Every organization has a mirror of culture and environment which can be shown through their events. Accentedge Health have conducted,hosted and sponsored different events and webinars and are really excited to show some of them which are based on knowledge-sharing and our contribution.

Our Upcoming Events

Health Conference at Las Vegas

We are super-excited to sponsor the 2022 HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Nov 13-16, 2022. Come experience the future of AI Powered, world champion Accentedge Biomarker Cancer Detection technology. The first complete solution for Integrated Radiomics and Multiomcs based early cancer detection.

Our Past Events

Marrying Medical & Data Science

Learn how Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University in the City of New York and accentedge are collaborating at the frontier of early cancer detection by melding the fields of medical and data science as never before in human history. Dr. Azra Raza, Chan Soon-Shiong Professor of Medicine and Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University in the City of New York, Dr. Zainab Zaidi , Lead Data Scientist at accentedge in a conversation moderated by Yousuf Alam of accentedge. Discover how it is now within reach to detect the first cancerous cell through award-winning artificial intelligence technology developed by accentedge when used by scientist and researchers led by team Dr. Raza, a world-renowned pioneer in early detection and treatment of cancer and the author of the book The First Cell: And the human costs of pursuing cancer to the last, will discuss why she chose accentedge’s technology to assist her in analyzing one of the largest, most exclusive repositories of human cancer pathological samples in her lifelong quest to find a cure for cancer.

Using AI to Detect The First Cell

We were honored as Syed Alam, Founder & CEO of accentedge hosted Dr. Azra Raza, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University in the City of New York to launch our partnership that will use accentedge’s award-winning AI-based Digital Biomarker Cancer Detection software to study one of the largest, most comprehensive, longitudinal human tissue repositories in the world. This joint effort will result in detection and prevention of cancer prior to formation of tumors in addition to earlier detection of existing tumors. This will revolutionize cancer care by exponentially increasing survival rate while at the same time dramatically reducing costs and human suffering caused by currently used harsh surgical, chemical, and radiation therapies. Former U.S. Senator for Illinois, Mark Kirk, a political leader that increased NIH funding by billions of dollars during his time in U.S. Congress and Senate was present to share his thoughts how best to implement the technology in the fastest possible time. In addition to leading medical professionals, business leaders, technologists, and investors several digniataries also attended the event including Consul General Tariq Karim, Consulate of Pakistan In Chicago, Director General Johnson Chiang, Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago, Michael Schmidt, Executive Director, America – Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago and Kevin Kalb with Japan External Trade Organization in Chicago

Syed Alam delivering a Speech at Health Event, Turning Cancer care e on its head
Dr Azra Raza delivering a Speech at Health Event, Turning Cancer care e on its head
Eric Miller at the Health Event

The Incredible Life Story of a Cancer Warrior

accentedge Founder & CEO, Syed Alam in a remarkable live conversation with JulieAnn Villa who is fiercely fighting her third battle with cancer with amazing grace and dignity. She will share how cancer has impacted her and how early detection would have changed the course of her life. JulieAnn is an accomplished marathoner and triathlete. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds master’s degrees from Northwestern University and DePaul University. She works full-time in healthcare. This conversation will change your life!

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