Together with its partners, Accentedge Health is continuously working towards better personalized medicine for the patients of today and tomorrow, leading the way to tailored and patient-centered solutions.

Diseases & Therapeutic Areas


With years of unparalleled experience, Accentedge Health has become one of the leading experts in advanced image analysis for clinical oncology.

 We use our in-depth AI expertise combined with clinical and therapeutic know-how to facilitate decision-making in clinical practice and drug development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Accentedge Health has also been able to demonstrate that our technology can be successfully applied to a multitude of respiratory diseases.

Many other clinical fields can benefit from Accentedge Health approach and our team is constantly working, in collaboration with researchers, clinicians and treatment providers, to address relevant unmet clinical needs.

Accentedge Health successfully aplied its experties in the following domains:

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